Friday, April 25, 2008

CSC and YN contract wins

No wonder CSC and YN suddenly revived from inactivity.

There are two announcements related to these two companies:

1. Yongnam and KTC secured a S$81.4 million contract for Marina Bay Sands IR to design, supply, install and remove temporary decking, steeling waling, strutting and excavation works. This is a 70% (YN) - 30% KTC joint venture for the South podium at the IR. They stated that this contract needs to work 24/7 basis to deliver the objectives within a tight timeline.

2. CSC won a contract in the energy related industry worth S$47 million. This contract is to do foundation works for Norway's Renewable Energy corporation ASA (REC) to build the largest fully integrated solar manufacturing complex here. Contract is for a period of 9 mths.

I managed to sell off 60% of my stake on CSC today too. Going to pare of my holdings for YN and CSC, join me? :)