Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yongnam rights oversubscribed

STI went thru another boring day. With a volume of 1.33 billion, what can we expect to see? Do not be misled by the 36 pts upside by STI today to close at 3589, it's lacklustre. Only the big caps, esp banks and properties are moving up in anticipation of the rate cut tonight over at US.

Yongnam excess rights issue is oversubscribed 184.4% of the total number available. Very low chance of getting excess rights, if you applied for it (I didn't). Preference will be given to those who are rounding up to whole lots while directors and substantial shareholders will rank last in priority, as per normal. Those invalid/unsuccessful applications and acceptances will have a cheque redunded to them within 14 days after closing date (6th Dec).

This means the latest date of receiving any refunds will be on 20th Dec, next Thurs. The exact date of listing and the quotes for the warrants will be announced subsequently on SGX.

DJ futures at -8 now. Going to be flat until they announce the results of the FED meeting. Probably won't be staying to watch it 'live'. No point :)


Today I did a crash course on html and blog template editing. Haha, managed to convert a 2 column template to a 3 column one! Big thanks to kgaihc for the excellent website that guided me a lot. Wanted to put in some cool stuff in but atlas, it slowed down the website too much to be comfortable, so in the end I removed it. For those caught in the delay and unreadable page during the day, I apologise :P