Thursday, October 18, 2007

Office number not in use?!

Updates on my rather unfortunate incident.

Called my previous broker linked to my old trading account, but her office number is not in use. I just get a rather cold reply saying that this singtel number is not in use. Oh well.

I was wrestling with panic attacks in the morning too. I kept thinking in my mind how the situation would not be resolved and I would be forced to take the losses and so on. Strange huh, people always think of the worst case scenario, then it affects their mood then they'll think even worse case scenario. I stopped myself after a few minutes to break the vicious cycle.

I thought that they are the ones who made the mistake, so why should I be the one who is worried. If anything, they should be the ones feeling worried, not me. So, I called the hotline (thanks to my present broker who advised me on this) and got to speak to a person after wandering through a jungle of automated voice calls.

Their guy behind the helpdesk is quite friendly so I told him my problems. He told me that they would try to help me and get back to me within 1 or 2 working days. OK, I'll just wait then.

IN THE MEANTIME, I can do much better if I stop worrying about hypothetical and unrealised scenarios that are not within my control! Control feelings by controlling my thoughts, otherwise it'll lead me to the dark side, haha :P

Okay lah, got to go off. STI up 22 points presently at 3861. Shouldn't do too badly today, I think.