Friday, October 19, 2007

All well that ends well

Just received a message from my previous broker that her operation staff in the backroom had mistakenly posted the oakwell engineering trade to my account (I wonder how that can actually happen). They have since squared off the position, which is what I've observed too. And of course, I do not have to pay up for the contra loss.

Oh well, looks like the whole incident is truly settled. Quite good customer service from poems, I must say.

I still remembered that long long time ago when I wanted to make my very first trade, there's something wrong with my internet account with DBS vickers such that I couldn't make any trades. I called their hotline which is apparently so hot that I couldn't even speak to anybody except the cold automated voice that prompts you to stupidly press some numbers so that it can show off its superiority. When I finally got through, I told the person I wanted to buy this stock.

In the past, I wasn't aware that the minimum board size is usually 1000 shares - that forms 1 lot (unless you buy those SIA20, which have a lot size of 20). I told that nameless person that I wanted to buy 100 shares. He just told me crudely if this is the first time I was buying shares. Yes. No need to suan me loh.

That spells out the customer service of dbs vickers. I bet if you call this number 6327 2288 which is their super hotline during market hours, you will still hear their irritating music that tells you that their hotline is too hot to handle. I even made it a point to call them around 1am so that I can speak to a person.

Yeah, haha, some stories to share :) All in all, poems haven't been giving me any major problems. Even during high volume times, poems can still function properly (much unlike dbs vickers).

What happened to Dow? -224 pts (1.61%) now. Free falling man..