Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Missed all the action!

What a great bull run for STI! And to think that I missed it all whilst in reservist (i'm still in).

Dunno what the hell is happening outside man, but when I check all my portfolio stocks, all rise like mad, esp those china related stocks!

CSC up 0.015 at 0.365
YN up 0.015 at 0.440
Straits up 0.030 at 1.690 (intra day 1.750?!?)
Swiber up 0.200 yst but today down 0.080 at 3.580
Pac andes down 0.015 at 0.845
GK Goh the powerhouse up 0.060 to close at 1.340 (what's the news??)

Though I dun have my spreadsheet with me now, I confirm plus guarantee break even plus in profits now :P haha, so happy!

Have a great week ahead guys!