Thursday, June 28, 2018

Evolution of worry

Before my kid is born, I am worried about whether he will have genetic faults. The worry is real so both of us went to do some checkup to see if we have any hereditary illness that might be passed down to the next generation.

Then when he is born, I'm worried about whether his hearing is alright. He initially failed the test, but was okay after a second try the following day. When he is still crawling, I worry about whether he can walk. When he starts walking, I worry about when he will start talking.

Basically the worry is always there, just that the thing I worry about changes. That itself is a good thing because the nature of my worry evolves as we grow and mature. It'll be a problem if we keep worrying about the same thing over and over again, because that will mean that we never grow bigger and thus our problems remain the same.

It's interesting being a parent to a growing kid, because you start to see things from its very basic form, evolving to become more complex, and I hope that in the future, it'll become simpler again. A to B and back to A, isn't that back to square one? Isn't that a waste of time? No, I believe the journey itself is the point, not the end point.

My student is sitting for his common test these few days. He worries about whether he will complete the exam on time. But not too long ago, he was worrying about whether he will even pass his O'lvls. I reminded him of it, and he smiled. I also smiled. At the same time, I worry about whether my income can feed the family. Maybe in the future when my health deteriorate, I will worry about whether I can still see my family in the next hour.

While I worry about when my son will start calling me 'papa', I think back about the time when my biggest concern is whether he will be born healthy. All in due time.

And I smile.


thoughtinstrument said...

It is probably natural that all of us tend to have worries because we tend to focus too much on what could go wrong in the distant future. However, in actual fact, our focus on it doesn't really change anything in existence unless we put them into action to realise it; in which case, this is called self-sabotaging. None of us would like to do that anyway, right?

One of the most positive way to live out your Life is probably to shift your focus away from the distant future to that of the present moment. If we live out each present moment as best as we could, we can certainly look forward without so much of the "what-ifs". Cheers :)

la papillion said...

Hi thoughtinstrument,

Thanks for dropping by :) I think 'worry' is a bit exaggerated, when I use it in the article. It's just something in the mind. Maybe 'concerned' is a better word? haha

I agree fully with what you said. It's not good to think so far in the future, nor dwell too deep in the past and forgo whatever good that is still in the present. It's the recipe for perpetual suffering for sure lol

Anonymous said...

Hmm,what type of wood should I get for my coffin?Suffering of the mind.haha

brattz! said...

Friend, take it easy, enjoy ur life! Not worry through it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

la papillion said...

Hi brattz,

From the tone of the post, do you think I'm that worried? haha :)

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