Thursday, May 26, 2011

More artwork ...

Here's a few more sketches coming from my Wacom tablet. I am really beginning to get a feel of how to work around this gadget. Unlike sketching on paper, where you can see exactly where you draw, this tablet works more like a mouse. You move the stylus one the tablet but your eyes are fixed on the cursor on the screen. It takes some practice to get the hand eye coordination perfect, but once it's settled, it's like sketching on paper.

The above sketch is me trying to recreate the innocence of childhood sketches. I used to doodle a lot on crayons and coloured pencils when I was a kid.

This one is a helm from a Greek Corinthian era. I was just trying to test out the effects of recreating the hair like plum on the helm.

This is Brie-boy. It was from the book from my favourite director, Tim Burton, called the melancholy life of oyster boy. The accompanying poem goes like this

Brie Boy had a dream he only had twice,
that his full, round head was only a slice.

The other children never let Brie Boy play....
but at least he went well with a nice Chardonnay


Musicwhiz said...


After looking at your beautiful artwork and renderings, I now understand better why I am an accountant! Haha!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Cool artworks!

Who knows? You may turn your hobby into a business extention where you teach arts and craft to students as a de-stress outlet from exam pressures!

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

Picasso in disguise, I see. You are quite the artist. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice drawings! maybe can draw something and be known like the ger who introduce Stickgirl :)

la papillion said...

Hi mw,

Haha, I'm sure you have your own quirks and perks too :)


Hey thanks! I just might...I just might, haha :) I am thinking about it, more like an arts and craft workshop during school holidays for kids :)

Hi AK,

Thanks :) I'm not so picasso but rather more copy cat. I can't produce original art work but I sure can copy well. I guess we are have to start somewhere, haha :)

Hi anonymous,

There really is a figure in Tim Burton's book called stickgirl :) I think it's stickboy and matchstick girl, whose love burns him literally to bits ;)

OT83 said...

hi LP,

I think ppl will believe that you are from arts discipline, give your drawings as well as from your writings.

NO ppl will believe that you are an engineer by training. haha

la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Haha, arts stream also don't do this kind of things :) There are the Arts and the arts ;)

You really have a stereotypical idea of how an engineer should be! :)