Monday, September 20, 2010

Support you we shall

** "BIAS" is a special feature in my blog where I get to say whatever I want with scant regards for your feelings. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me."

Yesterday I received news that momoeagle, one of the active cbox member here, decided to call it quits after adsense pulled a fast one on him. You can read about it here and the email that they sent to him. It's the very same email that I received from them when I was about to cash out my earnings from the advertisements. I blogged about that many moons ago here and I was still disgusted over it. Basically beyond appealing that's nothing much we can do here.

But I guess I never looked back since. I started to find other sources of ad-venue since adcents are not giving me much returns anyway, so who the hell needs them? Anyway, the point of me starting this is not to be famous or to even earn a living out of it. I reflected upon my blog's objective several times throughout its lifespan - it's always the same, I'm blogging because I wanted to record my journey and idiosyncrasies for my own record. If others find it enriching and amusing, and continue to support me my reading them, I'm very honoured. I think what makes me continue blogging is the immense support found online and offline amongst the superfriends. If not for this, I would never have met so many like-minded people, so diverse in their views and so willing to share. I'm even inviting a few people whom I've met many times online but never face-to-face for my wedding. That's the extent of the community built up over many nights of chats in my 'infamous' cbox.

I don't like white's like a red rose drained of passion, of spirit

What WILL make me sad is when my entire blog articles got removed, perhaps when the server for hosting the sites suddenly goes kaput. That will really ruin my day. It's not just the removal of a source advenue for me that makes me disappointed but rather the loss of my recorded memories. It's like someone came over and remove a few years of my life...ouch...I hope that never happens.

So, momo, if you're reading this, please continue to fight the good fight. I've learnt some valuable stuff over at your blog and will be hoping to read more of what you dish out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Momo,

Enjoyed reading your blog thoroughly.

I wish for you to keep blogging and i wish adsense rot in hxll.

Yours faithful follower


Anonymous said...

Dear Momo,

Thank you for taking the trouble to write for all of us. Most of us are just readers and let's face it, not all of us can write. If you enjoy sharing ideas with others then you should continue. I am sure you write because you want to not because of the money from Adsense, though it would be nice if someone pays you.

You are still young compared to most of us readers, I think. Just take this as another lesson in life.

Grateful Reader

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

This is a good thing you are doing here. You're a star!

Hi momo,

I just wanna say the same thing I said in LP's cbox yesterday:

"Hey momo, LP told me about how he was banned by Adsense when I first made contact with him. I decided to "ban" Adsense. We are blogging because we enjoy it, right? If we do make money from blogging, it's a bonus. I know you must be feeling very down now but when you put things in perspective, Adsense doesn't make you much money. It's just loose change, right? You still have Nuffnang. Nuffnang has been good to me. Please don't give up blogging, momo."

Please don't stop blogging. We are all behind you! :)

JW said...

Hi LP, hi all,

LP thanks for this post. I have changed the settings.

To the other commenters,

thanks for your support. I have a new blog post out again :)

Chong Jun said...
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Anonymous said...

hey momo, dont be disheartened, let the passion of blogging to make you continue and i believe the others will come naturally. (:

sorry about the previous comment, i choose the wrong identity. i thought "cj" would be easier to identify. haha!


Derek said...

Hi Momo,

With all the encouraging posts, I bet you are all ready to start anew.

Like many others I too was ban from AdSense for unknown reasons and felt the same helplessness as you. Continue with your quality postings and I'm certain other sources of revenue will open up to you.