Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life is negotiable

It takes a few years to temper a youth's idealism, especially about the world at large. When I'm young and green, I thought that the world follows rules and that these rules are un-bendable and unyielding. How wrong was I! As I get more experience dealing with people and thinking how certain people gets certain favors without going through the usual route, I came to realisation that in life, most things are negotiable. You just have to dare ask for it.

A few examples I can cite here:

1. When I wanted to switch a new telco plan under M1, I was very displeased with their service. I called them up and wanted to 'share' with them how I was feeling. The officer in charge calmed me by offering to waive off some fee. This is not stated in the brochures nor the website, but I believed is something that those officers manning the phones can do to entice or please customers.

2. There are hidden rates not disclosed when one decides to put your money in the fixed deposit in banks. Those rates are an invitation to offer, not the offer itself, hence one should take the responsibility to haggle for a better rate. I've no experience in fixed deposit (I don't think it's worth the 'risk' of holding money in fixed d), but I've read and heard stories of people throwing a fuss and getting better rates because of that. Truly, dare to dream and ask, you just might get what you desire.

3. Me and gf kept going to a particular restaurant where they sell our favourite vegetable hand-made la mian. Most of the waitress there knows us and they even know what we will order and such. Without asking for it, they gave us 10% discount for being regular customers. I'm trying to point out that even though certain rules are not stated explicitly, it usually takes a well-connected person with the right interpersonal skills to draw it out. Another example of life being negotiable.

For all those young 'masters-of-the-universe' who think that the world is full of ideals, think again. All relationship boils down to interaction between two persons. Thus interpersonal skills rules. All the time. Always. Instead of spending time watching tv, how about challenging yourself and make a new friend, or read some books on body language, negotiation, public speaking? It'll work wonders on anyone on any career :)


Anonymous said...

You don't have any money in fix deposit? Just curious, besides stock, where else do you park your money? Thanks.

la papillion said...

Hi touzi,

Wow, you're fast :) I've barely posted the article :P

I don't have any in fixed D. Here's where my other money goes to:

1. Savings account (0.25% pa) - I kept to a minimum here, so only around 3 months of expenses are kept here.

2. Poems Money market fund (1.1-1.5% pa) - I put quite a sum here. I've some short term (1-2 yrs) use of that amt, so no intention to put into market. Besides, the 1.3% that I get is pretty good without the lock up that is for fixed D.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't realise that you just posted when I commented. Rest assurred that you are not being stalked !

I put most of my cash with Maybank isavvy. Savings account 1.38%, FD at least 1.48%.

Createwealth8888 said...

Hi Brolp,

The FD amount must be big enough. Above $250K, it is always negotiable.

la papillion said...


If I have 250k, I definitely won't 'waste' it putting into Fixed D. How much can I negotiate? 6%? 8%?

I doubt so.