Friday, December 05, 2008

New template!

After a number of complains on my blog regarding the old red/white/black template, I decided to overhaul the old one and usher in the new template. This will be the 2nd template change that I had for the year, even though it's damn tough changing it. Imagine changing the codes and keying in the widgets in again!

The usual complaints for the old templates are:

1. The contrast of the background and the words are not sharp enough. Hard for those with poorer eyesight and not-so-good and older monitors to read.

2. The template size somehow was not set to auto. This means that if I change the size of the browser, the template do not scale up or down accordingly. This caused some problems for people who use different screen resolution from mine. I used a widescreen 1680 format, so there's only a minority of people using that. This means only a few users can share what I see on my screen. Not too popular.

3. Those using IE have big problems seeing my site. I use firefox, hence what I see is very different from those who use IE. That's my biggest reason to effect a change in the new template.

I realised that within a span of less than one year, I changed a few ideas on my site. First of all, I realised that trying to get a passive income from the website shouldn't be my main focus. It helps to get some advert money to sponsor the premium cbox which I'm now using though, no doubts on that. I realised that I seriously do not need 3 columns with 2 sidebars. Just 2 columns with 1 sidebar is more than sufficient for me, since I do not use any others ads except for nuffnang.

Oh, and no worries on the ads above the cbox. Those are just part of the template. I didn't want to put it there purposely, but removing it looks aesthetically unpleasing.

I love the new colours on the cbox now. Hope you liked it too! Makes it more cheerful and happy :) To quote PanzierGrenadier's favourite quote: Be well and prosper!


Anonymous said...

Hi LP,

Your new template looks good even on my 9 inch screen.

How much do u charge for putting an ad? If the price is right, I will like to put my site there.

PanzerGrenadier said...

Dear LP

Maybe I should trademark "Be well and prosper?"

Should start charging royalties...hahhaah....

I have the same question as Derek. How much would you charge for the advertisement on top? It's a good location and you should charge for it!