Monday, November 10, 2008

Save enough and not much more

You might have noticed that these days I've been sharing more on my private life. Some recent events made me re-think the way I look at things, which is important for me to write it out so that I can think through it clearly.

I am a self-professed champion fighter of expenses. I do have trouble spending my money and have the soldier discipline to put aside my income to save. But recently, I've been thinking very hard about why I would want to accumulate so much. I realised that I save up mainly because of a lack of security. Somehow my growing bank account and mmf account makes me feel safer, and as such, I've been deferring my spending so that I can invest/accumulate.

I used to have this idea of deferring enjoyment for as long as you can so that you can reap whatever opportunities in the meantime for greater enjoyment in the future. Well, I think for now on, I'll take some enjoyment along the way and stop treating myself so badly. It's hard to balance between being a saver and a spender, because on default I'm a saver. I'm trying my best not to have this accumulation mindset and to stop thinking that my growing bank account means security.

You know, sometimes, life is too short to defer enjoyment. You must really know what you are accumulating for. Enough is enough, no point keep earning and earning and deferring the enjoyment. You have only one life and you should make the best use of it.


Anonymous said...

good for you! i have exactly the same sentiments!

dream said...

Wow! This cat is soooo cute!

la papillion said...

Hi all,

I'm so blessed that so many pple shared the same feeling as me. I'm glad I shared my experiences :)

Dream, the cat is indeed cute :) Cats exist to show us how life should be lived.