Sunday, November 02, 2008

Post dinner thoughts

The dinner on Halloween's night at vivocity is such a success; I wondered why we didn't had it earlier! Since I'm such an introvert, it's quite difficult for me to put aside my shyness and meet so many strangers at one time. But seriously, I'm very thankful that I did and very happy to have met all who attended - Lumiere, KK, Cookieguy, Cheng, Pepper.

Special thanks to Dream and San for making things possible - and for the excellent wines and champagne!

I finished my work very early and reached there early at around 6 pm. I spent the next half an hour outside the vivocity shopping mall trying to thaw my freezing hands. The sun was setting and it cast a very beautiful warm glow to the scenery. I could not resist but to reach out to my handphone and snap this photo.

This is the only photo allowed for that evening. I was given strict instructions not to take any pictures while inside. Hoho, apparently it's not only a superfriends meeting, but a secret friends meeting too :) Nevertheless, photos can only dilute the real experience as the real deal are the company, the atmosphere and the great food there. Photos are only two dimensional; it serves to remind ourselves of the memories only.

I found that the group that I met is what I imagined them to be online. We had such a jolly good time that I think to those not in the know, they would have thought that we had been old friends :) Amazingly, we didn't talk much about investing at all. I gave them a good tip in the middle of the dinner when I was sabotaged by dream to give a impromptu speech - Buy low sell high! Hoho! On a serious note, I guess those present are not the type to have asked for quick picks too. We're more interested in each other's life experiences that the market.

Couldn't have spent a better dinner anywhere on a Friday night. Thks pple for the wonderful company!


PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi La Papillion

Sounds good! I would have loved to join in but my 7 mth old daughter's demands come first, so no outings for me until she's closer to 1 year in age...haahha....

Be well and prosper!

la papillion said...


Hoho, that will be another year?! Haha, we have plenty of time to meet up again :)

Createwealth8888 said...

Hi Brolp,

Enjoy sunset and it is FOC. Cheers!

Financial Journalist said...

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