Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Singpost...what's happening to you?

A few things that I noticed today:

1. Singpost had a hefty volume of 26 million shares transacted, way above its normal average volume. Price-wise, it went up to an intraday high of 1.14 before closing at 1.120, up 0.050 (4.7%). The catalyst for the price to move up is the fact that they could be selling the HQ at paya lebar. This report from DBS vickers should shed some light on the possible effects of such a move.

2. SPC is having wild swings in its price. Very wild indeed. Just for today, the intraday range from 6.190 to 6.560. The question here to ask is that does the fundamental business change so much to validate the wild price flunctuations daily? If not, then what is causing people to buy and sell SPC like its some sort of commodity? It's scary that the price swings mirror that of warrants, esp those HSI warrants that I'm so used to trading in the past.

3. JADE got suspended. Wow...what happened?

The book above had been beside me for like 2 weeks everyday, never leaving me. I think this book is a very insightful read. I really like the morningstar series - the ideas are written clearly and in a very concise and easy to understand manner, with plenty and plenty of real life examples to illustrate the point. Anyone interested in dividend plays (which includes common stocks and REITS) should at least pick up a copy of it. I borrowed mine from the national library, but I did check out from Bershire business books that it's selling at $37.55. I might want to get a copy :)

I think library is the single most important thing that we ever devised. Excellent source of information :)


Musicwhiz said...

Hi LP,

Yes the library is a good resource, assuming I can actually find the books I wanna find ! Haha. The Main branch near Bugis Junction is good for investment reference books but they cannot be borrowed, so for people like me I hardly have time to camp there to read.

Yes, Jade was suspended. A pity for those trying to short as this means they cannot cover intra-day and will suffer forced buy-in. Always a great danger to short, I feel. At least for contra they give you T+3 days, though I also absolutely discourage that.


la papillion said...

Hi mw,

I do not adopt the 'hunting' approach to investment books, meaning that I do not have a particular book in mind when I'm searching for it.

For me, I adopt the 'gathering' approach, so I'll go the library and look at the correct section and see what findings I have. Sometimes I get a real gem, sometimes it's crap books.

I aim to finish most books I want to read from the library :)