Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aztech really got a contract worth 250 million

Haha, don't play a fool with Aztech.

They just announced that they had secured a contract for the procurement and supply of construction material. The contract is to be executed in 3 steps worth a total of about S$250 million over a period of 3 years. Haha, no joke man, Aztech is serious about this new stream of revenue and they already had a plan in mind. The first stage is worth S$23 million, to be executed in 6 mths time, with the next two stages valued at 92 and 138 million respectively upon confirmation that the buyer is satisfied with the first stage.

NOL had a set of good 4Q results, with net profit rising 292% (that's like 3 times), due to higher liner freight rates and container volumes, but warned that 2008 might be challenging due to a slowing US economy. Revenue rose 22% to US$2.42 billion from US$1.99 billion a year earlier, with quarterly results way above analyst expectations of around US$147 million. For full year 2007, NOL''s net profit rose 44% on year to US$523 million. Revenue was US$8.16 billion, up from US$7.26 billion the previous year.

Haha, no wonder it shot up rather high today before the results are out.


JingXiong said...

I've done a post on Aztech. If you're interested do take a look. Your post made me interested in this counter after 've looked at it.

JingXiong said...

In case someone flood ur chatbox =)

I've done an analysis on it. Let me know your view, if you have the time. Thanks!