Friday, November 23, 2007

STI went up 13 pts - 3325

STI went up 13 pts to close at 3325 with a volume of 1.42 billion. Quite low, so the significance of the rebound isn't high. Dow wasn't opened for business last night so I guess it eased a lot of selling pressure off Asian bourses. In fact, Asian bourses had a little rally after HK's Warren buffet - Lee Ka Shing used 2 billion to buy shares and announced loudly to the whole world.

Nothing much to say, perhaps can share an announcement:

1. Swissco signs S$3.9 million worth of charter contracts. Not very interesting I suppose, haha :)

Dow futures now at +82, and US opens for half day, should stop around 2pm? Anyway, could see a slight rebound and might affect STI's opening next monday. Hope to see a stronger technical rebound - around the range of 3400-3500 to wrap up the year with a good note. That would be an excellent time for me to trim my portfolio. I still need to cut 3 counters - GK Goh, CSC and Yongnam and I'll be set for the bear to come.

Oh well, as it is, my portfolio is -2.8k. I don't include my HK shares - that's for long term, might as well don't see the returns weekly or even monthly. Just hold for a good 5 years and see what turns out :)


Musicwhiz said...

Hi la papillion,

Didn't realize you had a blog too, will visit more often from now on.

Cheers !


la papillion said...

Hello musichwhiz!

Haha, what a pleasant Sunday surprise :)

I didn't tell you because my blog is more technical based, so thought you might not be interested. However, haha, I'm moving towards fundamental analysis, so might need your kind guidance :)

See you around!