Monday, August 29, 2016

Gold and Silver investing guide

Bigscribe released a new free ebook again, and this time it's about investing in metals. I'm a lay person and I know nothing about investing in metals, so this guide comes as a godsend to fill up my knowledge base. We always hear people talking about investing in metals as a hedge against hyper inflation (like during extreme conditions in wars), so naturally I'm interested to find out more about it.

This book talks about buying physical metals, specifically the buying of physical investment grade gold and silver, and the other little details like where to store and so on. There are other ways to invest in metals, like Gold ETF, but in shit-hits-the-fan situations, buying in such intangible metals might not be good because you're subjected to counterparty risk. In physical gold or silver, you just take and run. From the guide, I even know that there are 2 other ways to invest in gold, other than ETFs and physical gold. I think it'll be a good guide for lay persons such as me to learn about such things, even if you don't necessary have the huge asset base to diversify into precious metals.

The last part of the guide talks about the different myths for and against buying of Gold and silver. I think this gives the guide a well rounded starting point to find out more about the investing of precious metals. Try and register for it here, it's free and set in the local context, unlike other sources from the internet or books.


SMK said...

aiyah kyith do all these, isn't it better?


la papillion said...

Haha, he didn't do it alone lah

Rolf Suey said...

Hi LP,

I read gold and silver from Mike Maloney and watch his videos hidden secrets of money.
It is useful to me.

Sillyinvestor said...

Hi LP,

I also have the silly fear of "run road" and thought of getting some physical gold. But ironically, because i stay with my in laws, I do not have my own safe at home and my wife always pass whatever jewelry I give her to her mum to put in a bank safe. So much for "grab and run" plan ??

la papillion said...

Hi Rolf,

Sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately haha

Oh, I've watched the videos too. A bit doomsday-ish for me, but I guess such extreme times are the best for precious metals investing. It's a good video though!

la papillion said...

Hi SI,

Sorry for the late reply :)

Haha, your grab and run bag got put gold? Usually people put 7 days of dry rations with water plus torchlight and batteries. Yours is gold and silver ingots? Hehehe

I don't have any gold and silver in my home. Not those investment grade one, and even the cosmetic ones are too little to be of value. In a grab and run situation, I'll run lol

Findira said...

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