Saturday, December 26, 2015

Circle of life

I noticed that with each Christmas that passes me by, it seems that my life gets simpler and simpler. I remember that in my younger days, I would go out to party with friends. Nothing wild, just going to Orchard for the countdown - you know, that sort of thing. Countdown parties seems like the craze for me back then. It's not that Christmas is particularly important for me, maybe it's just an excuse to let loose a while. 'Thon' - that's the word for staying overnight as we countdown to Christmas day itself.

After having a gf, it's about having a proper date. Something like a movie, followed by some restaurants meals, then counting down with her etc. As the relationship progresses where she starts knowing my friends and I know hers, we have parties again, but this time in pairs. It's all about the experience and creating moments together.

So what did I do on this particular Christmas day? Nothing spectacular. I know I don't like crowds and parties, so I didn't want to brave out to Orchard or even Marina area to avoid them. Instead, we went to our quiet neighborhood cafe, had a cup of tea and a slice of cake before going home. No special dinners, just the usual tze char fare at the coffeeshop, ordering the same dishes as usual. Very reflective and quiet.

I think when we have kids, it'll start to become rowdy and the feeling is that we'll be moving towards the days when we're younger again. In order to let your kids experience Christmas like you've not had it before, you might get a real Christmas tree complete with presents at the bottom of the tree. Then everyone can participate to decorate the tree and wrap the presents together. I'm sure there'll be trips to Orchard road and other crowded places to jostle with the rest so that we can feel the proper yuletide atmosphere. The whole experience also includes a complete Christmas dinner with roast chicken, ham and the like. In other words, nothing like what I've experienced yesterday.

And many many years later, when the children are all grown up and leaves the home to set up their own home, maybe it's back to the days now. Quiet, simple yet still a very great Christmas. Quiet and reflective versus Rowdy and experiential. Cycles of ups and downs.

That's the circle of life, I suppose.


Createwealth8888 said...

Life with kids is never the same.

I have lost the count of number of times visiting Mandai Zoo. Kids love visiting again and again.

Christmas lighting and photo taking is yearly affair for a long time. What is exciting to kids may be boring to adults. LOL!

Sillyinvestor said...


Are u expecting a kid soon? We used to decorate Christmas tree and invite friends over. After 2 years we throw away the tree and never had that. My wife family still had gathering but no decorations...

Cycles I agree thou... Never actually the same but similar enough for that deja vu feeling

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Yeah right. Quiet Christmas...

Behind closed doors, you are doing all sorts of kinky stuffs with a tub of ice cream.

Dab a bit of ice cream on your nose ;)

Well, better do it now before the children arrives.

It could be 20 odd years before the children leaves the nest before you can come home with a tub of ice cream and that naughty look in your eyes!


la papillion said...

Hi bro8888,

Haha, I totally agree...many bored adults accompanying their kids there :)

la papillion said...

Hi SI,

Not expecting a kid soon, but expecting to have kids. I think have to try to be more enthusiastic once we have kids, so that they can pass down the 'tradition' to their kids too, lol!

la papillion said...


Sorry for the late reply, didn't know I haven't replied you yet lol

No kinky stuff lah, it's just two old couples doing what old couples do - spending time with each other haha! No need loud music or fire crackers or countdown parties to mark the day ;)

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