Monday, December 12, 2011

Choosing quality over quantity

As I get older and hopefully more mature, I realised that if I have to choose between quantity and quality, I'll go for quality these days. It's not always like that. There was a time that I thought more is good. For example, having more of a cheaper share is better than having less of a better one. Or eating more lousy food in buffet is better than eating less but higher quality ones. There are many many such examples where I can quote you that lets you see how I chose quantity over quality. Hopefully I will reduce such nonsense from now on.

Specifically, here are the areas that I would need to rewire my thinking regarding the choice of quantity vs quality:

1. I've always had a target to read 1 book a week. Initially that target was set so that I can read more. I remember the times when I was reading maybe less than 5 books in a year - that was not okay for me. I wanted to change that, so I set up a target of 52 books per year, since 5 yrs ago. While I understand why I set the target back then, I think the reason for such a goal no longer exists. I don't think I need to force myself to do such a target anymore.

As such, I want to read less and enjoy more. Instead of reading 52 books per year, how about reading 12 good books in a year?

2. Trading 20 ideas in the stock market can be further reduced to trading 10 good ideas in a year. Slowly but surely, I'm getting more patience about the kind of setup I want to see before entering a position. I am no longer looking at the market as fervently as, say 2 yrs ago. When there's nothing to do, do nothing. That doesn't mean that you totally ignore the market - it simply means you wait for the right time and right situation before doing anything. If I miss it, so be it. I realised that there are many ways to make money, but unfortunately, going through the stock market is not my way. That's an important realisation. With that thinking, I not longer try to showoff my skills (not that I have any) or trying to hit certain targets. There are other ways that I can earn my money and fulfill my other goals at the same time. I would focus my time and energy on that instead.

3. Playing 15 so-so computer games is something that I simply cannot afford to. If I want to fulfill my gaming needs (yes, there is such a thing in me), I would rather play 1-2 good game. Again, it's a conscious choice of quality over quantity. I will have to reduce the amount of games that I buy online over steam.

4. A few good friends is better than 30 so-so friends?

The whole point of quality over quantity is really also to reduce the clutter in your life. With less stuff and stuff that you really really want, you can increase your satisfaction and happiness while not cluttering and filling your life energy with all sorts of rubbish. Life works best if it's simple but not simpler. Perhaps when one gets older, you'll realise that time is about the only asset that is decreasing whether you use it sensible or not. Not money.


PanzerGrenadier said...


I agree that as one gets older, one sees time as finite and realises that to maximise the grains of the sand of time that are slipping away with each passing day, we should be more selective of how we spend our time.

For me, I see it as simplifying life into the essentials and decluttering so that I can focus on what is important and what makes me and my loved ones happy.

Be well and prosper.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I sweat liao... You going for quality friends now...

I snore like a pig and snigger like a dog (forgot what's the name of that cartoon dog that sniggers... Dementia setting in?)

Save some slots for "pig and dog" friends? We are superficial; but we make great entertainment!

crystal said...

Hi LP,

I have just concluded lately that I've been lazier cos i look at lesser stocks and concentrate on a handful.

Now, I found a perfect positive "reason" why i am doing these in a smaller capacity.

Quality over quantity! hahaha.

Probably, that also explains why we grow up we tend to have lesser and lesser friends I presume?


la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Ya loh, I really think so when I get older, time is getting more and more precious. Can't waste it running in circles like a headless chicken :)


Haha, we are good, don't worry! Can smell your homecoming? Haha, 2 more weeks!

Hi crystal,

Long time no see :) Don't double quote reason, haha; it's perfectly legitimate!

Regarding friends, I think it's a matter of the environment too. It's hard to turn colleagues into friends. Somehow, when everyone around you is vying for the same few positions, you just can't be that good with each other. I wouldn't know, would I, but I heard it from friends :)

Createwealth8888 said...

Hi Brolp,

For expenses tracking, I choose "quality" over "quantity", don't sweat the small stuffs. I know some people will enjoy "quantity" , those cents. LOL

crystal said...

HAHA! Senior CW888, ya!

if it's shopping i will chose quantity over quality ! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,
Quality over quantity anytime, unless you have too many mouths to feed.
Or your ears can't distinguish what is HI-FI music from earphones to headphones to speakers.(Actually listening preferences are subjective to a certain extend when comparing music reproduction. Price may not be the decisive factors after certain amount is reached. So money don't always decide everything.)

When i were in my youth, i thought i would lived "forever" because TIME seems so bountiful. i never thought i were mortal.
Now i feel Time is not enough so i realise i may go anytime.
So i am preparing to go happily if "Tomorrow Never comes" - Without leaving behind more burdens than necessary for those still have to carry on living.
You have to excuse me, for this is an oldman's ramblings. Also because
we all get old one day.

la papillion said...

Hi bro8888,

You must be talking about me, haha :) I'm finding it a chore to list items individually when putting it into my expenses spreadsheet. These days I just lump all into one full day's of expenses, though it's still broadly classified into groups. I wonder whether next time I'll grow big enough to only record stuff which are above xxx dollars only, haha :)

Hi temperament,

Actually most pple will get old one day, but some will die young. Don't know if that's a good thing or not? haha

But I do agree with you...mortality is only realised when we have less and less of it, haha!

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