Friday, October 07, 2011

4 steps to problem solving

Diagnose, Treat, Comply, Maintain.

Sometimes it's so hard to help students. I would diagnose that the reason why they are not performing well in their studies is because they do not have enough knowledge in their mind. Practicing past year papers a million times (without reflecting) just practices whatever you know, so it would be very hard to increase your knowledge base if they do not read the textbooks or attempt to memorise from the notes that I've written for them. What's the point of practicing the same stale knowledge base again and again - there's simply no attempt at all to broaden that base. Hence the treatment is given to them to read / memorise the notes but they do not comply. Even the best doctor cannot cure your disease if you do not comply with their treatment upon diagnosis.

There are times when students complied to the treatment, but they do not maintain it. It's called losing momentum. These people started sprinting from the start when they have another 5km left to run. Unless they have extraordinary stamina, they are going to stop and rest and restart again. Pacing is therefore important in order to maintain the treatment. It's not going to be very effective if they work very hard for 1 week but cannot maintain it and slack for another 3 weeks.

4 simple truths to solve problems and I'm surprised it can be used in a myriad of situations. This is just from the preface of the book by Hill Harper - "The Wealth Cure" which Victoria Taylor from kindly passed to me for a review. Will be doing that shortly once I get some free time to really immerse in the book. I haven't even started reading the actual chapters yet and I've already learnt something interesting. I think it's going to be a good read.


Anonymous said...

Hi LP!

Some of my students belong to that 2 categories. My heart goes out to them when I found out lately that they really did try very hard -- to do many papers without much reflections. Some can't study for more than 6 hrs per day even during this critical period.

I will ask them to read what u have written. 20 more days. I do hope they could change their method of study.


la papillion said...

Hi HH,

Wah, don't ask them to read lah, haha :) Hmm, I thought I'm the only one who encountered such problems. This batch of graduating sec 4 students are especially bad. Very reluctant to read anything except for short summary or notes. Even then, they just read and forget the next instant.

Sometimes I wonder if they really wanted to get A, even though they said so verbally. Perhaps not.