Thursday, July 07, 2011

First reit

First reit weekly:


First reit had been very good to me, with its high dividend yield and the very low capital cost after the rights exercise. But I had parted ways with it for the time being. The charts both at weekly and daily level doesn't look good. Both weekly and daily show a bearish divergence with today (7th July 2011) showing relatively higher volume plus a doji (you candlestick experts might have a different name for it, pardon me).

I've been doing partial divestment of first reit since June to reduce my position, but it went up and up. It's ok, I don't have to capture the peak and I'm super happy with the returns. Will get it back at another opportune timing again.


As a sidenote, after weeks of queuing everyday after market hours to sell, the queue finally hit around afternoon today. Why today? Perhaps it was after a lunch treat by CJ at his family's Hainanese curry rice stall at Maxwell food centre, no. 68, that brings the luck to me! After eating it, sure 1-6-8 (say it in Cantonese)! In my line of work, I've eaten all the nonsense curry rice all over the eastern part of Singapore, so trust me when I say that CJ's brand of curry rice is among the best. If you intend to beat the lunch crowd and try, do order the curry chicken wings and especially the pork chop. Especially especially the pork chop. The curry is thick and fragrant, and all the dishes are not very oil at all. I'll go back again one day for sure if I've need to make sure money in the market, haha!


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Hey! What co-incidence! Both you and OT sold around the same time?

It's illuminating to see each of you sell for different reasons.


la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Haha, there are many reasons to sell, but only one reason to buy - to make money ;)

OT83 said...


So lucky. After we sold, they went to acquire hospital.

Haha. But its okay, I sold for my reasons.

Dividend Tech Warrior said...

Hi bro LP,

I m keeping First REIT. Btw, I luv curry rice too! ^^

la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Even if I know before hand, I would still sell, haha :)

Hi dividend warrior,

Good luck then! Haha, you should try out the maxwell road stall then :)