Friday, November 05, 2010

Life in monochromatic hues

I'm having some difficulty adjusting myself to a more relaxed pace. It's quite interesting because when I was having such a hectic schedule, all I wanted was to have nothing to do. But as I am currently in this slower pace of life, what I wanted was to be busy again. It's hard to please, don't you think? I recognise that I'm complex and sometimes, certain mood takes over me and I'm self-contradictory. Occasionally.

How do I know that life is slowing down for me?

1. My handphone battery suddenly lasts much longer than normal. I used to charge it everyday because of the amount of sms that I sent and the data roaming that uses up a fair bit of battery life. However, as of now, I haven't charged my handphone for nearly 2 days. It's coming to 38 hours of no-charging already and the battery life is still a good 50%. Even my handphone is slowing down.

2. I no longer had to scan my emails. I get many many emails a day from brokers, roughly 100 per day on weekdays. I cannot physically check every one of them because I don't have the time to do so. But recently, I am checking more frequently than my emails are coming in. I haven't really got down to reading each and everyone of them but it's getting there.

3. I'm blogging much more often than in the past. When I'm not occupied by normal routine, I think a lot and reflect a lot. I think because of this, I had much more things to say than in the past when all I'm occupied was to get home and have a good night's sleep. This is, of course, not necessarily bad. To be able to indulge yourself in your own thoughts is quite an enjoyable thing, every now and then. Everything in moderation is good.

we all have our down and vulnerable moments

I'm not really complaining that I've nothing to do. It's just that perhaps this is the first time I noticed that things are slowing down for me. I can't remember why I didn't have this feeling earlier because the life of a private tutor is like a farmer - there are times that you work like crap and after harvesting your work, you plant the seeds and wait. And this is only less than 1 week of rest and relaxation and I'm feeling like this, which is weird. I will definitely ride through this lull period, as I always have. I'm highly experienced in this kind of boom bust cycle because technically, I'm always retrenched towards the end of the year and when the next year starts again, I'll have to work my way up to the previous year salary and perhaps more if I want some bonus.

I just want to encourage my bro to take things in stride, don't fall into depression and we'll take care of you in what ways we know. So, cheer up and I'll do my best to help out :)


AK71 said...

Hi LP,

This is actually quite pleasant for me and probably the rest of your readers. More recent posts to read in your blog. ;p

Someone told me to relax and take it easy recently. Who was the person? Hmmm...

la papillion said...

Hi AK,

Haha, I'm slightly depressed over this period of time, as always. Maybe depressed is a wrong word to use...I'll just say it's melancholic. This kind of mood makes me..well, moody, but there's a good side effect of this - I'm extremely creative at this time. Maybe that's why I keep blogging to verbalise the thoughts in my mind.

Crystal said...

Hi LP,

Don't bully yourself!..Like the way you bully the bear. ;P

Even a good bull take its time to recharge itself. It has its time to retrace and fight back thereafter.

It's good to go slow at times - cant be a go-getter or a gung-ho bull always. just don't retrace for too long or slide into your melancholic too deep....:)


la papillion said...

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Life's like a stock. It can be uptrending and punctuated by retracement, so that it can go up even higher :)

Crystal said...

yea! you got it all there! ADD oil, LP! ;P