Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nuffnang sent me a cheque!

After a long wait, I finally got my cheque in from Nuffnang :)

It's had been a rather long wait. Since I've cashed it out on 17th Nov, 2008, I've been waiting till 11th Jan 2009 before it was sent to my home address. Well, in a way, I deserved it because I wasn't aware that they only process the application for cashing out at the end of the month. So from 17th Nov to end of Nov 2008, the application is just waiting in a 'queue' to be cashed out. After that, the whole process will take 1 month, so that covers the entire Dec 2008. Once processed, it'll take at most 3 weeks for the cheque to be sent to my address. So for mine, it took slightly less than 2 weeks.

The amount is $129.55. Okay, why so much right? I can actually cash it out once I've accumulated $50. Since I've got to pay a administrative fee of $1 for every processing, I might as well save $2 for accumulating up to $130 there before cashing it out. I wanted to wait till $200 before cashing out but was not too sure how credible Nuffnang is, since I've no prior experience on collecting any real money from any advertorial companies. NOW it's confirmed - they do pay money!

I checked...I took a period from 16th Dec 2007 to 15th Nov 2008 before I clocked up this amount of ad revenue - roughly 11 months. So, that means I get around $11.78 every month, or $0.39 per day. Erm, not exactly a lot, but well ... it helps to pay off some bills and offset the premium cbox subscription! What's more important is that I get paid for doing something that I like and do everyday :)

Actually I should not count my eggs before they hatch - what if the cheque bounce?? Haha :) Just kidding Nuffnang guys, don't really go and make my cheque bounce!!

The cheque was enclosed in a 'postage prepaid envelope for standard regular mail up to 20g' - it's stated at the back of the envelope by one of the companies that I have a partial ownership in, Singpost. The stamp was already printed onto the envelope, which I thought was such a great idea because it saves the sender trouble from finding a stamp and affixing it onto an envelope. Nuffnang had their logos printed onto the envelope itself, with a cute message at the bottom, screaming loudly in capitalised bold - "NUFFNANG!!! YOUR MOOLA HAS ARRIVEDDD!!!!!". Not bad lah, didn't know Singpost had such a service. Maybe next time if/when I open a company, I can consider using such a service, haha!

The cheque was actually handwritten in those black ballpoint pen. The script is neat and very straight, meaning that it's not slanted to the left or the right. It's all in bold, and pretty small too. Not sure if the signature is by Ming, the co-founders, but it sure reads like it. Having read some fengshui book by Lilian Too on everyday fengshui, I would say the signature is not too 'uplifting'. An auspicious signature should be upward slanted in both the beginning and the end. In this signature, the first stroke is slanted diagonally to the bottom left. Afterwhich, the general direction of the signature goes diagonally to the upper right but towards the end, it went straight vertically down to a level below the beginning stroke. There's even a cross to mark the 'gravestone' ending. In technical analysis, we call this formation a doji - signifying uncertainty in the trend. The ending broke the 'support' formed by the beginning stroke - not auspicous at all, isn't it?

So, Mr/Miss Nuffnang co-founder, if you happen to read this, contact me for a small tip on how to change your signature to ensure that you HUAT everyday! There's still some advertising space above, so maybe if you want you can put your ads there too, hoho!


Anonymous said...

heya! Nice post. Was wondering how Nuffang works too and i'm glad you got paid.

Assuming that you have traffic wayyyy higher than mine (about 100 hits daily now), it does seem that asian Ad providers have a lower payout. I did a review on 3 ad providers (adsense, adbrite and bidvertiser)

I figure if you used Adsense, you might rake in a higher rate of earnings (though i think that's not the intent of this blog though).


Musicwhiz said...

Hi LP,

Thus far I have received 3 cheques in total from Nuffnang, for a grand total of about S$300 over 15 months (approximately lah). The ad revenues have been slowing since August 2008 and I lodged a complaint with them, saying they should allocate more ads to my blog since I have consistent readership of about 200-300 per day (unique visits). Since then, a new ad has come in (today) and another is scheduled for Feb 2009. Hope to cash out my fourth cheque soon ! It helps if you are glitterati as they only take 30 days to process instead of 60 days (which I think you are too).


la papillion said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your sharing! Hmm, even though you're right that the blog is not used for earning passive income, but I don't mind a little more money coming in from it :)

Hmm, bidvertiser seems interesting enough, looks like adsense (which I was banned!). Will check it out further, thks!

la papillion said...

Hi MW,

Wahaha, can complain to get more ads? Hoho, ok, I'll do that too :) Interestingly, I also noticed that ads had been decreasing since sometime towards the 3rd quarter of last year.

Ok, will send a gentle reminder to them not to forget about me! Btw, saw your ads on your blog. That advertiser seems to pay me the most :)

la papillion said...

Hey Paul,

Have problems finding your email. If you happen to read this, possibly to send me an email at

Need to ask your more about the bidvertiser :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Didn't know that you can actually write to them to give you more ads. I received a cheaque from them last month but there was no signature and I still went to deposit the cheaque (silly me).

Maybe we could combine all our sites together to form a union of sort and ask Nuffnang to have dedicated ads to us.


la papillion said...

Hey Derek,

When our powers combine...haha :) Good idea you know? :)

I emailed them, and this is what they replied:

"It is entirely up to our advertisers to choose which blog they want to advertise in. Nuffnang only proposes a list of bloggers to them. Final decision comes from the advertisers themselves.

None the less, we will try our best to list you up n our future campaigns. Other than this, try to keep your blog interesting and a healthy traffic coming in it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further inquiries."

I'll say it's standard response lah. Let's see if it'll generate more ads :)

Eh, Derek, let's follow up on the combining sites thingy. What do you propose? haha

PanzerGrenadier said...


Congrats on receiving the Nuffnang Cheque. I remember the feeling of receiving my first AdSense cheque... It is indescribable...hahahha...

Bidvertiser is similar to AdSense but with a lower payout. once you hit USD10 you can cash out via paypal. I also use Bidvertiser. ;-)

I've learn from blog monetisation to use multiple sources. So I have bidvertiser, nuffnang and adsense all running but Adsense is by far the most consistent of the lot.

Having said that, most "gurus" will tell you that the best is still to sell something direct to your readers, especially if you know what they want :-)

Be well and prosper.

PanzerGrenadier said...


The downside of Nuffnang is that you need to get a campaign going to start monetising. So you can be putting up Nuffnang banner but with no campaign = zero revenue.

AdSense gives you some $ daily so long as there is some traffic and of that traffic, 1 or 2 or more do click on the ads.

Be well and prosper.

Anonymous said...

Hi LP,

Geesh, then I don't see a point to email them. Also, nuffnang ads seem to focus more on lifestyle.

Most people are selling E-books. Maybe we could all combine our expertise together and publish a E-book on personal finance or trading, reading charts etc and share the profits. It's a far fetch thought though.


la papillion said...


I'll consider bidvertiser too :)


Haha, you're always full of bright ideas :)

PanzerGrenadier said...


Actually, that's a good idea. It's similar to the Hansen guy who came up with Chicken soup for the soul. Just collect stories, get permission to publish and sell.

The royalties part you have to negotiate with each contributor unless they waive and let you earn all.

Anonymous said...

Hi LP and Panzer,

Maybe we can bring this somewhere and discuss further (feel free to drop me a mail). I will do some research on what are the best sellers - I have a feeling that they are those that teaches you how to earn big bucks from the stock market, trading, forex and stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

LP teach how a good signature should be like lei.

la papillion said...

Hi Charlesming,

I taught already :)

Make sure the beginning of the signature and the end should end upward, meaning slanted to the upper right. The whole feel of the signature should be slanted upwards for progression. It's important to take care of the ending stroke, cos some pple like to underline. Make sure even the underline is upward sloping and the ending stroke is going upper right.