Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Superfriends meeting on 31st Oct 2008

For those who are regulars in my cbox, you would probably have known that on Friday, 31st October 2008, the Superfriends of Bullythebear will be having a dinner and dance party at Wood restaurant bar, Vivocity. Erm, dance is optional of course, but maybe we can all ask dream the golden buddha to do a little jiggle for us after a few glasses of wine. It's going to be held in a private function room at Woods, timing will be advised when it's nearer the event next week.

I would like to confirm the attendees for the event. For those who had been invited, or wish to be invited, please confirm your attendance using the comments button right at the bottom of the post. Alternatively, you can choose to email me at duckula06 [at] yahoo [dot] com (it's zero six behind). If I did not reply your mail within 24 hours, u can safely assume that I didn't receive it...my yahoo mail is a bit crazy at times. Text me at nine-four-three-five--eight-nine-three-zero, DO NOT call me as I may be in the middle of work, thks! Do tell me who you are in your email/sms too.

The budget is around $40-50 per person, depending on the items you ordered. The menu is given here at this site, so do check it out. With bro dream going to negotiate a better deal for us, and yours truly guaranteeing that it will not go above $50, do consider attending this rare event to meet all of the superfriends in person. If not for the company, go for the food. If not for the food, go for the wine. If not for the wine, just go there for dinner!

Here are the list of attendees:

Confirmed going:

Me, LP
My gf
Dream the golden buddha

Special guests (for drinks only - not 100% confirmation)


Please RSVP, best before Tues 28th Oct. Dream will need to confirm the attendees so that the restaurant staff can prepare the table.


Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like the community is getting bigger by the day. Kudos to LP and Dream.

I won't be joining you guys this time round as I will be preparing for my vacation. Enjoy yourselves ya and post some yummy pics.


la papillion said...

Hi derek,

No problems :) next time if got chance then meet up with you :)