Sunday, August 17, 2008

Money No Enough 2

I watched Jack Neo's Money No Enough 2 today.

To summarise, I do not like it at all. The summation of the cheap feel of the CGI, predictable plot lines and the usual ranting of pet topics makes it not worth the premium ticket price to watch this movie on a weekend. Fortunately, I watched it at a discount movie theater, which showed the movie at only $7, so it's not too bad to whilst one's time away for 2 hours.

It's rather ironic to see the cinema pretty crowded. The cinema, because of the rather uncomfortable seats, acoustically challenged sound system and the occasional hiccups (damn, I encountered the hiccups today when I watched the show; for a cool 5 mins, there are not sound at all) means that there are usually not many people in the theatre. To see so many people watching a movie titled 'Money No Enough 2' shows that people do have money to watch such cheap thrills.

The movie did not disappoint. Characteristic of Jack Neo's movie, it is a sequence of little skits not dissimilar to his past Comedy nights, aired on Monday Channel 8, shown every Monday. Despite the crowd's laughter, I do not find the show funny at all. In fact, it's quite a sad movie for me.

The movie showed all the familiar situations where Singaporeans are trying to earn money. I was a little taken aback when I watched that spending a night in ICU at private hospitals will set one back by 8k a night. I wonder how I can afford such expensive 'hotels' with or without insurance (specifically, H&S). Ouch...spending 3 nights will erode one's net worth by $24,000...scary thought.

I think I've said enough for this film. If you can, try not to watch it. Another irritating thing about the movie - when is Jack Neo's movie not a happy ending?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review LP! I just came back from watching it at PS-- $7.50 for Monday afternoon. :)

I quite like it. Sad but true for Most of us,Singaporean. Malaysian would enjoy the movie.:)

la papillion said...


Haha, glad you liked it :) Maybe I lost my sense of humor, or rather, I lost my Jack neo's humor. It's too slapstick for me. I love black humor :)

I also find it quite sad. When did society degraded to such a state that the amount of money one possess determines one's happiness (and longevity)?

PanzerGrenadier said...


Jack Neo is a better comedian than he is a film-maker.

The storyline just didn't flow well enough for me. "Money No Enough" looked more like series of short tv episodes glued together.

His blatant product placement is also quite off-putting. Too "in your face" for my film appreciating sensitivities.

la papillion said...

Hi PG,

Saw your blog post on the movie too. Made a comment but not sure if it turns up in your blog. Either way, I meant to say the same thing too. I felt that the movie is a series of short skits, reminiscence of his Comedy nights skits in the past.

The songs are nice though...that's about the only thing I liked. It could have been so much better if he had refrained from cheapening the feel of the movie with the product placements. That I do agree :)

Anonymous said...

It felt a little weird, because the start was standard Jack Neo fare and funny as hell, while the second half of the movie was too drama.

la papillion said...

Hi anonymous,

Aiyo, i think i lost my sense of humor. Cos I didn't even laugh at all in the movie :/ Hee hee, maybe I'm paying to much attention in the lame CGI in the movie :P