Thursday, August 21, 2008

Money No Enough 2 Part deux

Part deux: Money No Enough 2

Though I dislike the movie by Jack Neo, I seriously like the very down to earth songs in the movie, sung mostly in Hokkien - the language of the melancholy (and crude). Why do I say that? Listen to those Hokkien songs, it's almost invariably about tragedies - personal or otherwise! Hokkien songs evoke the melancholic liquor of out everyone that other songs find it hard to do. If you don't believe, listen to Chen Lei's songs :P

The subject of the review, part deux, is more on the songs in the movie.

Here's the song that I like. This song sends goosebumps up my spine - a sign of a touchy mushy song :) It's about wife and the husband relationship, how the wife and husband will still be together, regardless of what happens.

The next song is closer to heart, it's also the main theme song of the movie. What if I have 1 million? What will I do? :) I really really like the chorus part of the song. The solo part is also quite nice. Not shredding, no wah nor any funny effects..but I just it fits the song pretty aptly :)