Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look what I've found

I was passing by one of the sportswear shops and saw these two socks selling at a discounted price. I was suitably impressed by the brands of it. My handphone camera quality isn't exactly fantastic, so I'm sorry if the second picture isn't at all clear.

There seems to be a certain fetish for brands having a certain 'tick' symbol. Perhaps by emulating certain branded logo, other brands can stand on the shoulders of giant and ride on the wave of mad consumerism. The socks under these 2 brands isn't exactly quality socks. I wouldn't rely on them to last a few rounds of hard machine washes. Perhaps that's why they are selling rather cheaply - 3 for $9.90. Other more branded socks are selling around 3 for $20-30 dollars, so you can do the maths here.

To show you what I mean by the fetish of the 'tick' symbol, let's take a look at the brand logo of a few sports companies.

Convinced now?

Care to guess which two companies these belong to? Hint - one is listed in singapore and the second picture shows the competitor of the first one, but listed in HK.

I'll write the answers in black ink, so that those who don't like the puzzle can safely look at the answers without depriving the fun from others :)

1st picture - China Hongxing
2nd picture - Anta