Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Personal updates

Haven't been blogging for a while, so I thought it's time to give some news about what is happening in my life in case there are still readers following me haha!

Wars are fought by two sides who thinks they are right. When we argue with someone else, we always think the other party is an idiot. I'm trying to practice not thinking the other party is an idiot. The disadvantage of doing that is that it's hard to blog on anything or give an opinion on anything, not because I don't know anything, but because I think of too many repercussions and the repercussions of the repercussions. It tends to develop into some sort of a writer's block, which is what I think I am having now. I've been blogging since 2003, and I've had such years before, so I know I'll get through them. It just takes time.

The other significant reason/excuse for not blogging is because there are higher priorities now. Since I've bought the fitbit charge 3, I've been exercising almost daily and it's been more than a month now. If I'm not doing interval training, I'll be walking. Damn, I didn't know walking feels so good. In the past, whenever there is rain, I'll be coming up with excuses not to exercise. But it's different now - I am thinking of how to continue exercising even when there is rain. It did rain this morning, so I decided I'm still going to walk, hence I carried an umbrella. I've never done something like that before. I always said that the removal of a structured test on fitness (because I've done my time in National Service) is going to be boon for my health. I am shocked by my sudden enthusiasm for exercising. Why do middle aged men wear tight pants and go cycling? Or buff themselves in the gym? Or join marathons? Is it a sudden realization that time is running out? Or the onset of mid life crisis? I've no answers.

I can't be exercising for 24 hrs right? The other time-soaker is reading. It's the beginning of April, and I've read 21 books. My yearly quota is only I'm two thirds done. I stopped checking my phone so often for the social media apps (I deleted them), so whenever I use my phone, I'll just read a little. It's amazing how those little minutes here and there add up. So, if you find that you have no time, really, just delete youtube/facebook/instagram and see how free you are.

That's it from me, till the next article.


MMF Solutions said...

if you find that you have no time, really, just delete youtube/facebook/instagram and see how free you are.

This is really a great piece of advice for all of us. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with us.

Anonymous said...


I am still following your blog and learning from it.

I recently picked up reading. Suddenly tired of seeing zombies around me and wants to be out of the group.

I realise that my understanding and English is poorer. It takes me a Long Long time to digest a paragraph. I need to repeat again and again.

Quite tiring thus it puts me off books.

Can I know how do you overcome this? What happens if you face with difficult words? Do you jot them down?

Please keep your post going. I tried to log in to my hotmail to leave the comments but there was error. So I can only sign off as annoymus.

Best regards

la papillion said...

Hi MMF solutions,

No problem. It certainly helped me. I don't want to keep reading updates or short articles. It like eating junk food - fills the stomach but has no nutrition!

la papillion said...

Hi Charmaine,

Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Usually I don't keep checking the dictionary, unless I keep encountering it. Maybe on the 5th or the 7th time I encountered it, I will go and check it up. If it's just a random difficult word, I read around the context. Often we don't have to know each word to understand the general meaning of it.

If you find it hard to understand, perhaps it is not your problem but the author's problem. Some authors are long winded and do not make it easy for readers to understand. If that is the case, change a book!

btw, I like your description of "seeing zombies around me" haha!

Anonymous said...

Hello ;)

Nah, I don’t think it lies with the author. Is more of losing touch for many years and the brain seems to be slower at picking information.

That is why I want to get out of the zombie life and get back to real world.

Is really scary. Everyone is walking with their head Low and looking at phone. Is not news that they catching up with but more on shows, social media. I Guess nobody knows what to do if their phone goes dead...

Best regards

la papillion said...

Hi Charmaine,

I understand what you meant by zombies. They are all over when the MRT and the buses. I make it a point not to use a powerbank. If I used up all my batteries, so be it. It's a good reminder to connect with the offline world :)

Thanks for dropping by here :)

Patrick T. said...

Exercise releases endorphins. For cycling, it takes about 15-20 mins before the effect starts. Not sure the length of time for jogging but you can read up.

Then you need to finish strong - which is keeping the pace of your last third the same as when you begun or even stronger. This gives you another mental boost which then makes you feel good about the session for the rest of the day.

But eventually you will need something to keep yourself going so you want to try new routes, see new sceneries while you exercise, etc. Keep it up!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Welcome to the world of city walkers!

In the mood, I'll walk in the crazy afternoon sun. Just like yesterday walked from Sim Lim Square to Chinatown. Felt great walking in the bright sunshine :)

I've walked in the evening rain too. From drizzle to huge thunder storms!? LOL!

I've learnt from my Swedish colleagues there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes ;)

Who needs drugs when we can get our endorphins from walking?

I normally walked between 75 to 90 minutes in the evening.

Now got added incentive!

Was diagnosed with pre-diabetes last year :(

Idiot. Rich man's disease!

CreateWealth8888 said...

Walk is free!

la papillion said...

Hi pat ge,

"Then you need to finish strong - which is keeping the pace of your last third the same as when you begun or even stronger. This gives you another mental boost which then makes you feel good about the session for the rest of the day. " - I know exactly what you mean! As long as I end the exercise feeling good, I also feel good and ready for the next session of exercise :)

Already moving out of my usual zone of walking/running, and venturing further and further. Otherwise damn sian...also can't think of walking on treadmill in an air conditioned room. It'll feel really really boring haha

la papillion said...


75 to 90 min is a very very good duration. Just enough to sweat a little haha

I've heard about pre-diabetic take care! Cut down or remove carbs totally and keep exercising, should be able to starve it off for a very long duration.

la papillion said...

Hi bro8888,

Yes! And running too haha

Actually you're quite an inspiration to me when last time we met, you said you walked about 100km per week. That time, I haven't start my exercise yet haha

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