Thursday, May 21, 2015

Frasers Centrepoint Limited bonds allocation table (part 4)

Bonds allocation for FCL is out. The allocation table is shown below for future reference:

A few observations:

1. Everyone will get something because the balloting ratio is 1:1

2. A lot applied between 41 to 50 lots, including yours truly.

3. The allotment favours those who bid 25 lots and below. If you bid anything less than or equal to 25 lots, you get exactly what you want. Does it mean that it's not as hot, as say CMT bonds?


goh said...

Hey LP, your advice works! I applied for 31, got 28 haha

la papillion said...

Hi goh,

Haha, it works for me too :) I got in at 41 and I get 37 lots. If i stick to bid for 40 lots, I'll only get 28 lots :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you!


la papillion said...

Hi Leon,


dsea said...

its because the company raise the issue from 200 M to 500 M

la papillion said...

Hi dsea,

Yea, I saw that. Indeed, it's TOO popular, hence they enlarged the base, hence more pple get the bonds.

They are putting a lot of good will for retail investors. I like!

Anonymous said...

if they did not increase the size. A lot of of us will be crying and disappointed. Never get allocated