Thursday, January 08, 2015

The story of Old Cody

Near a mountain, far far inland
lived a happy, but a lonely man.
He is not rich; doesn't own a car,
shiny rubies, nor smoke a cigar.
What is his name? If you care to ask.
He’s Old Cody – farming is his task.

Monday six morn, he asked rich Richard,
if he is free, to view his orchard.
Shaking his head, poor Richard replies,
"I am not free, to see the sunrise,
so Old Cody, I bid you goodbye".
Old Cody shrugged, at least he did try.

On Tuesday twelve, he asked proud Peter,
"Come see my vine, where grapes are sweeter!"
Shaking his head, rude Peter exclaimed,
"Oh that won't do, or I'll be ashamed
if I'm seen with, a mere Old Cody!"
Scratching his head, "Why be so snobby?"

On Friday five, silly Sally came
Her petite frame, but with eyes of flame.
"Pretty orchard, with beautiful grapes,
Can I come see?", she stood mouth agape.
Standing there still, shook Old Cody's head
Hands on his hips, this is what he said:

"Oh that won't do, or I'll be ashamed
if I'm seen with, a girl of your name.
I am not free, to see the sunrise,
in the orchard," he cries and he lies.
With that he slams, the giant oak door.
Behind he shouts, "Oh come here no more!"

As he walked off, Old Cody's heart froze
"How I had erred, I've made a new low!
Judging Sally, before I knew her,
is exactly, how I was withered!"
Without more words, he sprang to the door.
There lie Sally, staring at the floor.

"Oh I'm sorry! What a fool I am!
Dismissing you, to hell I be damn!
Holding her hands, they walked to his fields,
to the golden, cheerful daffodils.
Or is it Rose, Jasmine or Aster?
Hmm, don't matter; form's not a factor.


la papillion said...

Hmm, I dare say this is a proper poem. I've a pretty primitive idea about poems - it must rhyme. I do not quite appreciate those that didn't, and that goes to show how 'deep' my poetry appreciation goes. I need to work on this.

Still, I made an attempt.

4 syllables, then 5, all in a sentence. 6 sentences, all rhyme, grouped in a paragraph. 7 paragraphs, very concise, all to tell a story. I love the challenge of restricting myself. It's so easy to say with more words, much harder to cut and be precise. And in that space between getting a good story out, rhyming the sentences, and restricting phrases to 4 and 5 syllables each sentences, creativity emerges. Creativity does not come forth if there's abundancy. Instead it strives and grows well with limitation.

Hopefully the story will freeze you in your tracks, and make you think. Much like Old Cody, wink wink ;)

Smartpassivecashflow said...

Real substance and very meaningful.
Looking beyond the realities of the society and find the true meaning of life. Cheers!!

Sillyinvestor said...

Sunday seven, they saw heaven
Purity heart, new found living art
A drizzle came, their world found new name
Hands holding hands, ask not what's their plan
With wind and sun, nature is their mum
Oh my Peter! May all see better

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


A thought provoking poem!

Oh! You should see how retail salespersons judge their customers...

And how retail customers judge salespersons in reverse!

SS said...

Hi LP,

You and SI just changed my impression of teachers. Wow.

la papillion said...


Thanks for the encouragement :)

la papillion said...

Hi SI,

LOL! Well done! I actually have a few endings, but I deleted them in light of this current one, which I think is a better fit to the overall emotional response I wanted :)

la papillion said...


Thanks! We're always judging each other isn't it? I think that's normal. But to see a person judging himself too? That requires a little more honesty and self reflection :)

la papillion said...


Haha! What's the impression before and what's the impression now?? LOL

Rolf Suey said...


Nice story.

Very often, we want something badly and do not get it first or second times or more tries.

Then when you least expected the best will somehow surfaced, but you will miss it at first glance. But as long as you realize in time, it is never too late.

Sometimes what you want may not be what you need.

What you actually need is simply compatibility.

la papillion said...

Hi Rolf,

Thanks :)

I totally agree with you that even if the thing we want comes along, we will likely miss it. It takes a certain mental state to learn to recognise something when it appears, even if it's the thing that you wanted so much. Often it comes in different form, that's why :)