Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To remember, you have to suffer every now and then

People are funny; only when things that matters to them disappear, will they realise how much they lost.

Recently, I had a very bad bout of flu. It's so bad that I was quite immobilised for 2 days. On the 3rd and 4th day, I've no choice but to drag myself off bed and go to work. Thankfully, it's all over now and I'm fully recovered. But the illness did make me so happy that I'm healthy. Imagine suffering from some illness that isn't that readily recovered in 3-4 days. You probably can't imagine it because you have to go through it to know it. Even then, you have to go through it once every now and then to remember it. Such is the forgetfulness of humans.

The air quality is also getting worse. The haze comes early it seems. I just hope that it's not as bad as last year where all outdoor activities had to be stopped. Again, only when the air quality is bad would you realise how good it feels like to breath fresh sulfur free air.

I say it's good to suffer every now and then, if only that we can remember and empthasize with those who are suffering all the time. Knowing is not understanding; you must go through it to remember and hence to truly put yourself in the shoes of others.


Money Honey said...

Never ever say "wa kali kong" or l told you so.

Money Honey said...

But then .... parents whom have eaten more "rice and salt" can strongly advise their children on the dos and dont's ???

la papillion said...

Hi Money honey,

I got say "wa kali kong" meh? lol :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Welcome back to the land of the healthy!

Being a human slime ball is no fun :(

Money Honey said...

"To remember, you have to suffer every now and then" is more effective then "wa kali kong" or "l told you so"

The next time l have good advice for my children, l must letting them suffer every now and then then they can remember and appreciate. l can no longer say "l eat more rice and salt so, wa kali kong".

Small Time Investor said...

People will most likely to learn things through the hard way .

smartpassivecashflow said...

A reminder is really needs to be there. We are taking things for granted.

la papillion said...


Thank you thank you :) It's really bad. It's hard to be healthy when a lot of my students are sick. I think it's something to do with the haze and heat.

la papillion said...

Hi money honey,

Ah, makes sense now :) I think when teaching children, the key point is that you are ready to support them when they fail, but not necessary to hand hold them through the challenge. They must know you're there when they fall but they mustn't take for granted that you're there to help them bypass any obstacles. If you succeed in doing so, you'll nurture confident kids who are not afraid to try on new things :)

la papillion said...

Hi small time investor,

Ya, certain things have to be learnt the hard way. Bo bian :/

Hi smartpassivecashflow,

Same for market too. For those who had never been through a severe bear, they thought that the market will always go up. We need a correction every now and then to remind people that your best laid out plans may not come to fruition :)

Anonymous said...


I have been coughing for more than 1 month, it is getting worse at times... I have taken rounds of antibiotics and is eating TCM now, spend a few hundreds on doctors, but still no use.

But after a while, I decided to just live life as it is, I wear N95 mask so that I dun spread to my family, but there is no 1 month mc, so too bad for my work place people, can only say sorry.

I wear the mask everyday that I am used to it Liao ... Haha

la papillion said...

Hi sillyinvestor,

Sigh, poor thing...me too. I thought my cough is long gone, but it came back with a vengeance. I think it must be something to do with the haze :(