Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Capital Mall Trust (CMT) bonds balloting results are out!

The balloting results are out for the Capital Mall Trust (CMT) bonds. The announcement is made here.

Some comments:

1. The balloting ratio of 1:1 means that everyone who applies will get some. Might not be all but at least you won't go empty handed.

2. They are quite kind to small investors. Everyone who subscribed 2 to 10 lots will get 100% allocation. This means that if you apply for 8 lots, you'll get 8 lots of the bonds.

3. As usual, those who applied for more will get lesser as a percentage allocated to them. I think it's only fair.

4. On hindsight, next time we should all apply odd number of lots so that you can push to the next banding.

I applied for 25 lots. Since it falls within the range of 21 to 30, I'll get 15 lots. The rest of the fees should be refunded back to me starting from today. By 20th Feb 2014, you should be able to log in to your CDP account and check that the bonds are there. The bonds should commence trading on SGX this coming Fri on the 21st Feb 2014 under "CapMallTrb3.08%210220" with board lot size of 1000 shares, with stock code of "TY6Z".

I can look forward to the first semi-annual payment on 20th Aug this year.