Monday, March 31, 2008

Free books from wallstraits!

I chanced upon the wallstraits website today while searching for celestial for my blog post. Happened to see this little pop quiz in their main website, with the teaser that you'll get a free book if you answered the not-so-simple quiz.

Haha, they are not kidding, the quiz is so hard! (I suspect that some answers that are supposed to be correct are in fact wrong!) Nevertheless, I tried both of the quiz and managed to get 2 free books as they promised.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Hee hee, let's see if they really gives out the book in a weeks time :) If they really sent it, I would have won a cool $45.80 worth of books :P I quite like the Professor Sage's series of books as it catered to local context, so I do hope I'll get both of them for free :P

Go try it, no harm right?


Anonymous said...

See please here

la papillion said...


It'll pop up a screen saying that your computer is infected with virus and it'll open a small window on the side of the screen too.

Just go to the top right hand corner and close the window. DO NOT CLICK anything on the bus!

la papillion said...

I mean do not click on anything in the box!

Paul said...

heya there.

Been tracking ur blog. good job. :)

just to to let you know that wallstraits does indeed send the free books.

I took one of the quiz and it came nicely in a mailbox. Tot it was a scam at first. ;p

la papillion said...

Hi Pau,

Thks for reading my blog :)

Haha, musicwhiz also told me that he got a copy too, mailed to him. Hmm, I'm wondering why they are so nice :)

Paul said...

haha.. i really have no idea xia. but the hardcover book looks nice. I haven't started reading it yet tho.

all the best in ur financial investment journey!

skyalps said...

Hi lp, what's the book about? always good to get some freebies...haha

la papillion said...

Hi sky,

I haven't got it yet..but it's about fundamentals in investing. And psychology. Sounds interesting :)