Friday, September 07, 2007

STI still up?

STI close up again, this time by 22.9 pts (0.66%) up to close at 3488 with a rather respectable volume of 3.15 billion. I wasn't able to watch the market at all throughout the day, but I saw that the rally is rather broadbased.

Construction seems to have a brief rally. Quite a number of them hit rather high intraday before dropping to close slightly up or neutral. Hmm, seems like I'm wrong for Straits asia, the price just drops and drops. Will evaluate it maybe end of this week to see if there's anything I should do.

Swiber had a field day today, rising up 0.140 (intraday high of 3.060). I wonder what's up with Swiber? Is it because of the rather positive announcement made yesterday regarding the acquisition of the derrick crane? Possibly.

With this brief rally, my portfolio losses went to 8.9k. Quite good, haha :P

Watch out, dow wasn't doing so well tonight. -194 pts down as of now, Europe big mega drop of around 2%). I wonder what's up??