Wednesday, August 01, 2007

STI dropped 140 points!! (3.27%)

STI had a wonderful diarrhoea today, lao non stop till the intestines, stomach, liver and pancreas all lao out...gross right? At its height, STI dropped 140 over points, but a slight recovery towards market close causes STI to close down 115 (down 3.27%). This must be one of the most severe single day drop I've ever seen.

*bookmark this day - STI drops 115 (down 3.27%) on volume of 4.9 billion, with 101 gainers vs 1014 losers*

HSI also food poisoning, lao almost 950 points before recovering and close down 769 points. Shanghai dropped 3.8% down. Read below and tremble in fear :)

I bought some stocks. GK Goh hit my entry point at 1.22 before the big lau, so I entered 5 lots of it. Relieved that the price didn't drop much after the diarrhea. Swiber reached my target entry price (below $3) already, haha, should I?

What we are going to do now will determine how well out future investment will be like in the next few months. Lose $$ can earn back, don't lose confidence in the stock market, or yourself.

Let me relate an incident. I was jaywalking while thinking of the stocks today and was running late. While crossing the road (the road was jammed with cars from bumper to bumper), I was sliding in between the cars. Suddenly a motorbike weaved in between and nearly hit me. Nearly? It hit my forearm actually. It could have been my body if I didn't pause a little while to check if there's any cars.

I escaped with a little scratch but it set me thinking. A lot. I felt so much happier now and less stressful. Okay, initially I wasn't feeling unhappy but now I am feeling happy despite all that had happened in the stock market. That's the difference.

Morale of the story, my friends, don't be too caught up by daily noises. Spend more time with your loved ones and always make up on the day if you get into arguments. Always say I love you.

Okay enuff for charts, on such bad sentiments, no support and resistance works. I'm not going to monitor tomorrow and friday, so all the best! I'm still vested fully in the market, for those who want to know. Portfolio losses like hit a major artery, bleeding non-stop...currently losses snowball to $11.3k :) Smile lah, life still goes on :)