Sunday, July 29, 2007

GSS - Great Stock Sales!! 20-30% discount? haha

Wow...DJ dropped another 200 points. Haha, that makes it drop 500 points within 2 days! I read that it was the worst week for DJ since sept serious ah? Hit by both credit problems and subprime problems?

Will STI gap down again tmr? I think so, at least in the morning. But after so much selling even before DJ major drop last week, I think it should be less severe. At least, the superb results pulled in by SGX should stem STI from bleeding so much. Haven't seen STI dropped so much since March this year, where it went below ema50 days. I think if you're feeling uncomfortable buying stocks, it should be the best time to enter the market.

Indeed, I'm feeling uncomfortable buying new stocks, even holding them. Really torn between protecting profits and holding out. That's why I'm not going to do chartings tonight. Really no point. Must switch between TA to FA now. What companies are good now with stable and good future cash flow?

I want to get into Swiber :) $3 anybody?

Construction stocks...hmm, when are they releasing contracts? I don't feel comfortable holding them anymore, haha :)

Oh, I finished this wonderful book by morningstar, really great. Am going to start analyzing some companies real soon, just to practice on my FA. Do watch out as I attempt my first and newbish attempt to fundamentally analyse a company and to do a really simple discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation of the company. Haha, trying real hard to fulfil my dream of joining value the value circle website ok?! Their criteria for joining is to submit an essay to be reviewed by a panel of investment analyst. Haha, that sounds challenging!

Haha, enough for now :) My portfolio went back to the red, with losses of -$2.8k. As long as it does not touch 5k loss, I'm not worried at all. Have a great week ahead!

Thks for all those who visited my blog! Almost reaching 4000 milestone within 2-3 weeks :) Looks like that's more notice of my blog, haha! Great to share and hear any views with anyone who wants to say something, so just post it in the chatbox :P