Monday, July 09, 2007

Earnings session start

Up to now, STI had a very good morning session, up 46.4 pts, breaking the resistance level at 3600. Currently at 3608, with half day volume of 2.7 billion.

The head and shoulders formation seems to be developing rather well. I only hope that we can break through all time high of 3650, then the formation could be invalidated. Otherwise, if neckline breaks through, might see it falling 160 pts below neckline, based on price objective calculated.

Let's enjoy the ride and worry about the rest next time :)

Earnings session for singapore is starting this week, with those big caps opening the first salvo. Here are the earnings date that I know:

11th July: SPH
18th July: K-Reit
19th July: Evergro properties and S'pore food industries
23rd July: M1
24th July: Keppel land and Keppel T&T
25th July: Aztech systems, Osim and SPC
26th July: Keppel Corp
27th July: DBS

Haha, I'm looking at DBS reporting on 27th July. Might want to try some call warrants for DBS. But today DBS rallied up 50 cts, maybe next time when it dips I go buy the call warrants to bank in on the earnings session :)

World bourses had a similar good morning session:
HSI up 223 pts, Nikkei +107, shanghai up 2.13% :)

Let's see how the afternoon session plays out.