Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CSC / Cosco / Pac andes

Acting on the suggestion of my dear friend L.S, I decided to post up my stocks holding, as well as those stocks that I myself would want to buy. Disclaimer time...I'm really a newbie do your own research after reading what I had to say. Even an expert can make mistakes, so do find your own cut loss point and action if things don't go according to plan. Yeah? Let's go.

Oh, I decided to put a label for this kind of entry, easier to keep track. It's under the 'labels' heading on the left column, with the label as "Bullythebear Huat fund"

Here's my portfolio:

1. Pac Andes holdings (ROI = 35%)
2. Yellow pages (ROI = -21%)
3. Swiber (ROI = 111%)
4. CSC holdings (ROI = 25%)
5. Yongnam (ROI = 30%)
6. Straits Asia resource (ROI = 31%)
7. CH offshore (ROI = 12%)
8. Lian Beng (ROI = 36%)

I'll update my portfolio if I ever change it.

There are a few stocks I seriously want you guys to consider:

1. Own some construction stocks! My favourite ones (in order of preference) is Yongnam, CSC then Lianbeng. CSC recently announced they are doing soil investigation work for Sentosa IR, so I think the chances of them clinching geo-tech works for Sentosa IR is extremely high. Previously prior to the 240 million contracts awarded for the marina IR, CSC also mentioned they are doing soil investigation works for it...think about that.

I don't have any entry point yet (don't like to do during weekdays...i'll probably post on weekends) but I think any downside for CSC is a good chance to enter. Market crash, buy CSC...won't go too wrong.

Do take note that construction stocks have rather high PE ratio (in excess of 50-70). Can treat it as a growth stock, so contracts win is a must to bring up the earnings. Don't treat construction stocks as investment type stocks, nor dividend stocks (they don't give any, as for most growth stocks)...should treat as medium term speculative stocks. If going gets tough, run and take profit first...that's what I would do personally.

2. Cosco stands out strongly... I'll just cut and paste from my previous entry

Looks like an ascending triangle with decreasing volume whilst forming the triangle. Flag pole inside the ascending triangle too. Breakout point is at $4.02, confirmed by strong volume upon breakout. Macd and stochastic support the impending uptrend too. It's safer to enter at 4.18 (resistance level on 21st June) but might have missed out by then.

Flag target = $4.50 (min)
Rather conservative ascending triangle target = $4.60 (conservative because I'm not so good at determining objective price target for triangle formation)

Looks good huh? Good reward, manageable risk. I'm seriously thinking about it...might want to try the warrants, because the $4 entry price is rather steep...unless contra.

3. Pac andes

After a spell of constant drop...finally saw some light.

A few strong buy signals...price bounce back from support at 0.865 with strong volume, and close above ema50 days today. MACD shows 4 red 1 green, decipher's buy signal (somemore MACD is close to 0 - most strong moves are when macd crosses near 0). Stochastics reversing and U-turning...should be good.

My target price is based on flagpole: 1.01 (close on 12th June) - 0.87 (low on 5th June) + 1.01 = $1.15.

Note this target is achievable only if price at $1.01 broke through, preferably with high volume.

Do your own research, check with me if got questions...then you can learn, ya?

Good luck!