Tuesday, July 17, 2007

STI distributing?

Bad sign for STI?

I hate it when I see that STI opens up high in the morning and close neutral or slightly negative, with higher volume than previous day. Along with the fact that pennies hog the top 10 volume stocklist, it's a sure sign of distribution. Today's volume far exceeded yesterday's, at 6.4 billion. I think as long as I keep clear of STI index component, should be fine.

Glad to read the announcement that Pac andes rights shares had been oversubscribed by 20 odd percent. Chances of me getting excess rights is quite low I guess, and can still hope right? haha :) Just received their thick annual report, going to browse through it together with CSC one (haha, haven't even touch it, so busy these days..)

The rights shares are going to start trading next Monday. That means by this week I should get confirmation of how much excess rights I was allocated. Hope can get at least 2, haha :)

Wilmar going into aircraft business? haha, is this the reason why it broke new high today? Funny..they are into commodities (palm oil) business, how come suddenly go into joint venture to lease aircraft for commercial travellers within PRC? Don't know how shareholders would react to this interesting news of their business diversification.

Today kena whacked hard by construction stocks downturn. CSC dropped 0.010, Yongnam dropped to 0.505 before rebounding to close -0.005, lianbeng also dropped 0.010. Ok lah, at least now we can let price retrace, then we can prepare for a fantastic showdown next 2 weeks! Haha, highly optimistic? :)

CSC wake up!!! Sleep until touch ema20 days already ok?!

Bought China transcom at 0.515 (5 lots) today. Maybe it's really not an ascending triangle after all because the volume didn't not decline during the formation. I'll do an analysis this weekend after we confirm that's the triangle is not valid. Valid or not, the chart still looks good. Touching ema20 days now, might see a rebound tmr. Ema20 days is quite a good support, looking at the history. If it breaks below ema50, I'll get worried. As of now, just sit back and see how the action unfolds :)

Been actively reading up on how to read financial statements recently. Interesting!! Maybe next time I can intro the book I'm reading, very easy to understand :)

Dow +48, europe mostly red.