Monday, July 16, 2007

The secret

Market didn't do pretty well today. Higher volume than last fri, open high in the morning (+30) but close slightly negative (-1.38). Today Japan had a public holiday (marine day or something), and they also had a massive earthquake. Hope people there are doing well, my thoughts goes out to them.

Portfolio went to red today because most of my holdings isn't doing too well. Swiber went down, construction stocks went down too. Pac andes one of my stocks that didn't go down. I suppose it's the fact that they are giving dividend (0.54 cts per share), book closing on 8th Aug.

I'm not worried at all. A little correction here and there would tame the bull, so we can go up higher!

Been very busy with my work lately, which occupies me more and more. Since today there's really nothing to talk about, would like to share this secret of getting anything you want.

Through some coincidences, I came to learn of this method of visualising your goals AS THOUGH you've already attained it. This sets a very powerful signal to the universe and sends whatever you want to be attracted to you. The method can be found from the book called "The Secret"

Okay, it's similar to Antony robbin's unleash the giant within you that kind of motivational books, but put it a very simplified and elegant language that can be easily assimilated. Have to try it to believe.

Simply put, the main idea is that Whatever you think will come true. Have you tried visualizing about having seats in mac when it is crowded, then in the next instant, someone gets up and you get the seats? Or you think hard about the bus cos you're running late, and when you reach the bus stop the bus just came in time? Well, that's the power of visualizing.

(Above examples are real for me. The bus thingy happens twice in a day when I imagined strongly that the next bus will be the bus I want to take. That day, I didn't wait for buses at all. The mac incident is actually at MOS burger. Wanted to get a seat but it's all crowded. I visualised that I will get a seat and went to buy first so that I CAN SEAT down to eat later. The next instant, someone gets up. I'm very busy these days because out of the blue, I get a lot of work after visualizing my monthly income and thinking what to do with my income.)

I'm not selling anything lah, just thought of sharing this method of self-hypnotism to everyone. If you're remotely interested, just go to any major bookstore and flip through the book. If you want to get it, get it from online bookstore is cheaper.

Ask, believe and you shall get it :)