Friday, December 14, 2007

STI down 12.9 pts to close at 3466

STI dropped 12.93 pts (0.37%) to close at 3466 with a volume of 2.07 billion. OKAY lah, still okay, considering that intraday, STI dropped much heavily before recovering towards market close. Still far from bottom trendline, scared for what? :)

Haha, didn't expect china milk to give in so easily for 1.100 :) Intraday low of 1.070 reached, close at 1.08. Seems like a breakdown of support line :) Go in or not? hmm.. Still waiting for the ultimate big fish HSBC, so must be careful of my funds.

Saw quite a number of counters have intraday low but close up flat or slightly down. If it didn't want to go down, perhaps there is strength? Haha, but looking at Dow now also sian, opening already drop 100 pts already. Oh well, believe in Bradley turn date (that's astrological analysis)? 22nd Dec there is one - there is hope?

Portfolio losses down to -2.5k. Oh well :)


musicwhiz said...

Hi lp,

Well China Milk is about bull semen, so I guess you need to be "bullish" and believe that it's not "bull"shit for you to invest in it. Mind the puns though, I am in a siao siao mood haha.

Frankly and truthfully, I do not know much about the company or its business.

Regards, Musicwhiz