Monday, December 10, 2007

Midas, UOL, XLX, China hongxin

Some charts for charlesming:

I choose weekly charts whenever I can since I know you're not trading the stocks - so a longer time frame is appropriate. If I have more data, I'd also do a monthly, but as it is, I only have 1 year worth of data from chartnexus free :)

It's interesting because what you see on daily might be exactly opposite to what is seen on the daily, so which do you believe? For me, the longer the time frame of the charts - the more significant the trend. Most importantly, see what your time frame is like. If you dun intend to hold for more than 7 days, use daily. Anything less than a month, use weekly :) But before doing all these, check STI and other major index for macro trends. When general market is down, seldom do individual stocks do well.