Wednesday, December 26, 2007

S-shares went up a lot

STI was up 38 pts to close at 3473 with a volume of 1.28 billion. Still low volume but at least that it shows signs of a bull coming. We're so approaching STI's resistance - around 3550 to 3600? HSI is closed today, and I expect tmr it will surge up on a pent up urge to buy, haha :)

With the new bidding system, I think I need some time to get used to it. I remember on Monday that some people are still using the old system (it's still observable today). Oh well, one of the side effects of this new system is that it made STI move slower. With banks making up 1/3 of the value of STI, I think it'll be rare to see STI move up or down 100 now. Remains to be seen of course.

A lot of singapore listed china shares (affectionately called s-shares for those uninitiated) went up a lot these days. Rumors are flying around of the china funds, possibly coming next month? Haha, those stocks with 'china' in it went up a lot. China fish, china milk, china new town....haha, just to name a few. Construction stocks also went up quite a lot. Just a few more cents and I can get rid of them :P hee hee!

Today I bought from berkshire business books. One is Security analysis by Benjamin Graham (heard it's a heavy read) and the other is Five rules of successful stock investing. Nowadays I'm in a mad rush to read FA books, so I'm wondering how much I can digest them.

Dow is now down 29 pts.


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