Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lian Beng won contract? Not confirmed yet

STI went down 7 pts to close at 3552 with a volume of 2.3 billion. It's damn kelong, STI was up around 30 to 40 pts (1%) until the last few minutes before market close, it starts to tank down. Haha, profit taking at last minute? Strange action.

Construction stocks got a bit excited today, possibly by news that Koh brothers and lian beng had won a contract awarded by Sands IR. However, later announcement pointed out that both companies wished to clarify that they have submitted a tender together. The results of the tender is not known yet. Lian beng went up 10% today, I wonder what will speculators think of this tmr.

Just sharing swiber's chart:

Glad to see yn and csc going up :) I hope it reaches my tp soon, can't wait to dump it soon, haha! Dow futures +19 now. Bush is going to talk later about his plans to save all of us from the subprime crisis. Haha, see what he has to say :)