Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FED cut rate by 25 basis pt - global bloodshed

Haha, market always surprise people! A rate cut of 25 basis point by FED last night resulted in bloodshed of DOW - it fell 2.14% (294). STI followed by dropping near 80 pts before recovering to close down 40 pts (1.11%) at 3549 with a volume of 1.45 billion. Banks and property stocks which are strong gainers just yesterday, fell upon the bad market sentiment of the rate cut.

I suppose the market is expecting a 50 basis point cut but it didn't happen, hence the fall. I don't see it as a bad thing. I have a strong feeling that Dow would close strongly up tonight. Well, this episode just goes to show Murphy's Law - all that could go wrong will go wrong. Woe be on those that bet heavily yesterday when a rate cut will 'surely' result in a rally. Well, there is a possibility that it will tank - and it did. Warren Buffett wouldn't care a damn about the FED meeting, why should us?

I've got a few stocks in mind:

1. Chinamilk @ 1.100
2. HSBC @ 120 (Fat hope!)
3. Singpost @ 1.09

Not all is based on TA, so if you can't find a good reason to enter based on TA, well, so do I!

Dow opens up 216 pts. Welcome christmas rally? :)

Portfolio down by 700 thereabouts. Swiber....keep trending down.