Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So many companies reporting

Oh my, sooo many companies issuing quarterly reports. Too tired to browse thru all, maybe next time. I'll just summarise the main points for those companies I'm holding.

Pac andes
- Revenue up 42.5%
- Profit after tax 71.3%
- increased earnings from china fishery which posted excellent results too
- NAV $0.89 (way below market price)

- 1HFY07 net profit increase 7-fold (excludes exceptional gain of $12.7 million!)
- operational profit increase 133.7%
- gearing of 0.5 (so low for construction firm? that's good)
- improved margins
- order book as of june 30, 2007 is S$146 million compared to $147 million whole of last year

Straits asia
- reported in press media about its disappointing results because of the rainfall in indonesia
- revenue dropped 12.5%
- total profit dropped 39%
- dropped because last year was an exceptionally good year because lower than average rainfall whereas this year had higher than average rainfall
- strong holdings of US$15.98 million (enough to tide over their current woes)
- dividend of US 1 cts (around $15.20 per lot)
- force majeure expected to end by august 07 with recovery efforts undergoing now

More importantly, there has been 2 major factors that affect straits as reported here.

1. China decreased export of coal (possibly due to their increased usage)
2. Japan's damaged nuclear plant due to recent earthquake means they are using oil-fired and coal-fired stations to get their energy requirements

These lead to a shortage of coal prices. With increased demand from India and china (two developing countries), it's hard to see coal prices drop in coming years. Hmm, no wonder fidelity fund had been supporting straits asia despite the bad market sentiment. Straits is back to the price before day it announced force majeure.

STI was nearly flat today (+5) with volume of 2.5 billion. Construction counters rallied today, with major buying in this sector together with other pennies. All depends on dow tonight. When I came back, Dow was around -150 pts, but it went up to -83 now. Europe is red.

basketball...china transcom i sold at a loss ($330 loss) when i managed to sell of at 0.455. Who knows it went up to close at 0.500 today...what the hell...sianz. Haha, always got this somebody up there who just knows how to screw you up. Buy it dropped, sell it cheong, haha! Happened to you before?