Sunday, August 26, 2007

Going to take charge of my health

Today heard a rather sad news about a person's passing; at a rather young age of 38 due to cancer.

Reminds me of the vulnerability of one's body. Never take life for granted. I'm actually quite morbid because I think that the moment you are born, you are already dying. Dying takes place over a whole life time and the moment we actually 'die' just closes the deal. It is something like day and night. When day begins, night is beginning and when night starts, day is beginning. There is no boundary that separates day and night because it is a gradual process and they overlap one another.

I will actively take care of my diet from now on. I'm already going almost vegetarian on every Sunday. I'll try to eat more vegetables and abstain from fast food. That is the lesson I learnt from another person's death. Probably going for medical checkup next year and on a periodic basis too. It's never to late to take charge of your health.

My condolences to that person. Peace be with him.