Thursday, August 09, 2007

O-oh....Dow's in trouble?

Tmr STI is going to fly singapore red red :)

News from BNP Paribas SA, France's biggest bank, had halted withdrawals from funds citing and the surging demand for cash drove overnight lending rates higher. This news sent Europe stocks falling sharply down (most are down 1 to 3%) as of now. Dow's future shows tonight Dow is going to have a rough rough night and probably will spill over some of its blood over to STI tmr when we open for trading.

Okay lah, used to it already. Always closed for trading at the wrong time. Tonight Dow should see major selling in banking stocks, and since yesterday's market was pulled up mainly by banking stocks, we are so going to see a major selldown in STI tmr. But must be ready for the unexpected, haha :P Who know if PM Lee's bullish national day rally speech might do for STI tmr? :)

No eye to see Dow tonight, haha :P Make a guess, -286 pts?