Tuesday, August 21, 2007

STI down 93.7 pts

STI lost some of its gain yesterday by closing down 93.7 pts to close at 3228, with a vol of 2.13 billion (even lower than yesterday). Gainer vs losers is 298/621.

Not around to see what is happening. I just knew that STI after peaking around 10am, went down all the way, rising a little before closing for the day. HSI also lost most of its intraday gain. When it opened around 10am, it was around 900 plus? But it closed up 133 pts.

It's okay to take profit after such a strong rally yesterday. I saw from newspaper that the gain is the 2nd highest since 1987. So profit taking the day after is quite healthy. Short term should be positive for STI, but longer term is still a big question mark. The counters I'm holding also lost the gains it had in the morning, some even closed down negative. Oh well, must be prepared for ups and downs I guess :)

Europe is a mix of red and green. Dow cuurently is +30.

Haha, my posts are getting shorter and shorter. It's what happens when you mix a lack of time and market feel together. I'm getting really busy these few weeks, hardly have time to do anytime. All the best!