Thursday, January 23, 2014

The poor who commutes by public transport

We all heard about this ang moh Anton Casey who post in his facebook that people who took public transports are poor. Hmm, really?

Well, for one thing, a Porsche (a car that he reportedly drives) cost around half a million. If I can save half a million dollars from buying that porsche and take public transport, wouldn't that make me half a million dollars richer? And why is he taking public transport in the first place? It seems that his car was sent for maintenance. Then why don't he have another spare car to drive if he's rich? Why squeeze with all other commuters? Maybe he's not rich enough too. If he is so satki, buy a freaking mrt with tracks for his own use lah, why bother to take other people's train?

A porsche - the mark of the wealthy?

It's quite sad to see people who view their possessions as indication of wealth. It's also very interesting to see that his private post to his facebook went public, so apparently somebody who is his 'friend' went ahead and made the post viral. He must really have made some hidden enemies among his facebook friends. Maybe his EQ is not that good. Or perhaps he just don't care how others think about him.

Not all ang mohs are like that. I've quite a couple who lived around my neighborhood (in flats) and they are generally very friendly. In fact, Singaporeans are super friendly to them too, because they are generally nice and cheerful to people who served him in coffee shops. I think it's important not to generalise that all ang mohs are like that, because there'll always be a few black sheeps. I'm sure there are true blue Singaporeans who had never taken public transport in their entire lives and also think that people who took them are poor. It's just that they know better than to say it out. Or they are not stupid enough to post everything on facebook, even though they are private posts meant for his friends and family only. Well, you never know when something you post in the internet will come back to haunt you one day.

Just a fact of life.


Anonymous said...

i don't believe in face book. Once, you posted anything on the internet your privacy is compromised.
You can be traced.

CreateWealth8888 said...

He may not be aware actually there are HDB millionaires travel on BMW (Bus, MRT, Walk)

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