Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So many counters broke out

It's a coincidence or what?

I just mentioned the construction stocks are poised for a breakout, and today we see all of them broke out with super high volume. Yongnam beats everyone hands down, with record volume of 0.21 billion! As I said, once yongnam broke out of 0.38 with high volume, we can be sure of more upside. It closed today at 0.425, up 14.9%.

The other one I mentioned was Lianbeng, also broke out of ascending triangle with high volume. Should be able to see more upside over the next few days. Let's see if it can hit the target of 0.41 over the next few sessions.

CSC still have chance to enter. MACD is going to cross over and this shld be added signal for others to buy.

What I'm really happy is CH offshore. Thought this was a goner, but it broke out
with high volume. I wonder what's wrong with today? Dow dropped 120 points, but STI is still so strong. From -30 in the morning to close at -10.

Wanted to sell my paper trade for the STI puts warrants today. But too sick to do anything. I wanted to sell because of the underlying strength in STI even though Dow dropped so much last night. Never mind, still a lot of uncertainty this week, with a slew of data coming out from US side.

Dow +50 now, Europe a mix of red and green.